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Astrolifecoaching looks at what's going on now and over the next year: opportunities, challenges and how you can co-create together with the cosmos your own best future. 

My aim is to use astrology to create perspective and freedom, a conscious connection with one's essence and purpose. With this awareness patterns of self-limitation and self-doubt can dissolve to create clarity of choice and self-confidence. Exploring relationships, career, dreams or major life upheavals in this context illuminates the forks in the path ahead (or past choices) as a dynamic unfolding of destiny potential. 

True confidence comes out of recognising your strengths within apparent weaknesses, seeing the paradoxical nature of your being, so you can be at ease with your own uniqueness, with nothing to hide and nothing to prove. When what you do comes out of this self-clarity the increase of energy and charisma attracts not only success but also inner peace.


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