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Between the worlds visionary Full moon

For years and years I struggled Just to love my life. And then The butterfly Rose, weightless, in the wind. ‘Don’t love your life too much,’ it said, and vanished into the world. - Mary Oliver

Full moon today 29th May in Sagittarius carries an intense visionary-meditation-heart energy as the planets Jupiter and Neptune interconnect in a special moment of harmony. The veil between the worlds is thin and a little stillness in these days can carry you a long way!

Next weekend Venus and Pluto combine to bring these energies together in a unique transformational flow between the worlds. This calls for empowered soul-searching, heart opening and healing especially after the jarring-energising period since the last new moon.

We are being offered a new kind of wake up call as unpredictable lightning striker Uranus entered on 15th May into earthy Taurus where it will stay over the next seven years galvanising us out of our comfort zones in unforeseeable ways, cleansing habits of laziness, inner stubbornness, and reawakening our senses and connection with nature. It can earth our leaps of consciousness, it can bring an inspiring breeze or a hurricane into wherever we feel stuck! It reminds us how to live lightly, to let go of our attachment to security, to be stable and yet give ourselves to the air, to what we ‘cannot hold’. This is a disentanglement process:

'The actions of the ego create a chain reaction. Plots and sub-plots develop from the fundamental strategies of the ego, and the whole thing gets as complicated as a tangled mass of yarn'. - Lama Tsultrim Allione

The last two weeks brought a possibly disruptive disentanglement as Mars catalysed the Uranus shift and is pressurising us towards decisions that seem unready, sharp as a knife edge or bring a sense of restless disorientation and lostness. But this is useful energy if we can go to meet it. As Mars turns backwards for much of the summer this atmosphere may hang around.

Also since new moon Chiron, Lord of Healing, leapt into fiery Aries calling for a new initiative towards self healing, a focus on our goals and potential accomplishments.

So much acceleration of change is being initiated now even if as yet on the edge of our consciousness, somehow the leap is already lifting us off the ground beyond what we can perceive. We need all our attentive wisdom to stay balanced and stable in this upcoming flight…

Listen, my heart, as only saints have listened: until the gigantic call lifted them off the ground; yet they kept on, impossibly,

kneeling and didn’t notice at all: so complete was their listening. - Rilke

Saturn is backtracking through Capricorn delaying new foundations until the end of the summer when it can potentially ground in a safe way the lightning flashes of Uranus. With all the changes in the air it is a time for intense listening-realisation of the ‘gigantic call’! Also for cleaning up whatever remains that could hold us back in old habits and identities, whatever is entangled invisibly binding us to the status quo impeding our attention and empowerment in our ready potential, so that all this can be transformed into fuel for the way forward and we we can fly with all the force that is coming towards us!

(now the ears of my ears awake and

now the eyes of my eyes are opened) - ee cummings

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