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Immersed in magic - from the Neptune madness new moon to Equinox healing full moon

We are in the midst of an acutely crazy month within an epoch of chronic craziness!

'Things are not what they seem, Nor are they otherwise' - Lankavatara Sutra, Buddha

The mind may be grasping for reference points that are definitively gone or perhaps were always an illusion of sorts, it may be simply spacing out in the disorientation of massive Piscean-Neptunian download since new moon conjunct Neptune on 6th March. If we can make space to rest in this disorientating not-knowing this is a unique opportunity to dive into our depths, return to the root, remember what we have forgotten….

'Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes' - Jung

Neptune represents all that is ungraspable, our dreams and our deepest longings and the disillusionment we suffer when we awaken from the dream. This is what hooks our addictions and self sabotage. As Neptune connects with Jupiter (visionary or bigot) on and off through most of 2019 the theme of illusion-magic is never far away this year. If you feel trippy or longing to do nothing and sleep, if you feel an ache of nostalgia or emptiness or self pity, or overwhelm and desire to let everything go, this is Neptune's influence. We can be ‘lost in space’ or reorientate ourselves to become lucid ‘space-holders’. When ordinary mind gets spaced out, awareness mind has the power to tune in.

Mercury the trickster is now going backwards through the shimmery realm of Pisces taking us on a trip through our dreams and realisations, pulling us deep into the spell of Neptune, tuning us into more readiness for the way ahead. On 24th March the trickster and the magician precisely meet, Mercury slows right down and circles tightly around Neptune spending an exceptional eleven days on virtually the same spot. This is a massive cosmic spell! We can be caught by it or we can catch its energy and flow with it. This can bring insights, spontaneous soul retrieval, inner healing. Listen to your heart and know that things don't have to make sense. Meditate, pray, be creatively inspired...

In this period it's as if the veil between the worlds is dissolved, we can glimpse into the 'beyond' and receive transmissions and guidance. The airwaves are super-charged with both delusional misinformation and spiritual downloads. The chaotic, disorientating dreamscape unfolding around us is simply the shadow side of Neptune, unrealised spirituality or magic grasped by ego thus losing its lightness.

The more we hold this energy in stillness, the more this other-world wisdom can break down our mental rigidity and open our heart's vastness. This is a time of rainbow-fine heart magic preparing us for a new cycle of healing. Paramount is forgiveness especially for ourselves. Trust the subtlety of what you receive. On 28th March Mercury faces forward again. On 2nd April his conjunction with Neptune is exact again. Not until new moon on 5th April does he finally begin to move away from Neptune leaving us with a download of magic, enlightenment or muddle!

Seeing the planetary line up explains why the Collective is inevitably in this surreal state of chaos… ‘Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right…’ The 1066 chart of England has the moon in Pisces on exactly the degree that Mercury went retrograde! It is ironic that the fate of such a supposedly rational and 'proper' nation (both the 1066 and 1801 birth charts have sun in Capricorn) is being decided under this maddest of planetary moments:

'The House of Commons was a Benny Hill chase on acid, running through Salvador Dali painting in a spaceship on its way to infinity. It was a kind of death-defying, window-shattering, epoch-shaping, never-to-be-surpassed lunacy. Everyone and everything has gone quite, quite mad'. - Tom Peck 'Independent' 14th March

At the Equinox full moon the sun meets Chiron beginning his journey through Aries. The last time Chiron entered Aries was 1968. His task here over the next nine years is to heal our relationship with our 'Will' restoring the wisdom and balance of a healthy self-determination after the drastic reactivity of Uranus in Aries led to the aggressive 'me first' breakdown of co-operation and spiral of violence we are seeing now. Uranus now in Taurus promises different kinds of change, more of that next time. There is much patient healing needed ahead, and the first step - simply being in heart presence and resting our tired minds and old stories:

'And even though it all went wrong I'll stand before the Lord of Song With nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah' - Leonard Cohen

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