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Full moon 24 January 2016

'Threatened by shadows at night, and exposed in the light. Shine on you crazy diamond' – Pink Floyd

This is a heart-full Leo full moon of passionate intensity (4.46am Greek time

on 24th January) fired up by Mars in Scorpio and calling in the energy of Chiron, the healer. Shine out magnanimous detachment, practice the transformation of emotions into pure energy, anger into clarity, sadness into compassion. In this period a spark can become a volcano and old wounds may surface. Avoid the seduction of drama! The challenge is how to create an inner healing flow.

We are in the final throes of the Pluto-Uranus collision that has turned our world upside down over the last three years. As we survey the changed landscape we are coming to terms with what has been stripped away and looking for a new orientation. Right now these heavy planets symbolising the challenge between entrenched power (Pluto) and the urge for freedom and truth (Uranus) are almost exactly where they were for their last ‘hit’ in March 2015. Themes from that time may emerge again on a personal and global level. We are weaving new patterns for our existence, stripping away the familiar, stepping into the unknown:

'let all go - the big small middling tall bigger really the biggest and all things - let all go dear so comes love' – e.e cummings

Over the next couple of months Pluto and Uranus proceed step by step only one degree apart in their frictional last dance of this period before Uranus speeds ahead in April. Pluto’s style is slow, deep and controlling while Uranus moves with awkward, unpredictable steps and sudden explosive reactions. As their period of influence is waning through February-March it may feel that these planets push harder to achieve their remit of bringing the darkness to the light. We can expect yet more revelations of manipulation and control, or on the positive side, the empowerment of new paradigms, transparency, awakening of consciousness. Through this tough period the entrenched unconsciousness of our world and also of us all as individuals is being painfully exposed.

'All evils are the effect of unconsciousness. Remember: just as you cannot fight the darkness, so you cannot fight unconsciousness. If you try to do so, the polar opposites will become strengthened and more deeply entrenched. You will become indentified with one of the polarities, you will create an ‘enemy’, and so be drawn into unconsciousness yourself. Once you recognise the root of unconsciousness as identification with the mind, which of course includes the emotions, you step out of it. You become present. When you are present you can allow the mind to be as it is without getting entangled in it'. - Eckhart Tolle

Mercury is probing unconsciousness as it backs into Pluto at this full moon and U-turns on the spot. This may bring to the surface highly charged issues that first emerged around winter solstice when Mercury was in the same place or from March 2015. Over the next weeks fresh revelations could initiate some kind of breakdown or breakthrough, releasing trapped energy and changing the trajectory of things. And we are still under the influence of the Capricorn new moon on 10th January when the sun and moon landed in the arms of Pluto so seeds planted covertly then may start to be seen now. Our understanding of what is real is being tested.

'It may be when we no longer know what to do, we have come to our real work, and that when we no longer know which way to go, we have begun our real journey'. - Wendell Berry

Saturn in Sagittarius brings tests of faith. As it now connects with both Neptune (spirituality/illusion) and Chiron (healing/wounds) it urges us to have faith in own our power of healing and spiritual commitment. Jupiter in Virgo is assisting in the healing process, bringing skilful means and the search for practical solutions. We are moving towards a solar eclipse in March with a massive focus on Chiron (healing) and the Moon’s node (destiny) so now is the time to sharpen our capacities for healing ourselves and others, to receive healing, and shine the blessings of whatever we can recognise as healed within us - our soul gifts - into the world.

'Come on you raver, you seer of visions, come on you painter, you piper, you prisoner, and shine!'


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